“Madame Châtelet and her Instagram followers” releases a promotional video

The Châtelet team is in YouTube! Thanks to the funding received by the FGCSIC call "Cuenta la Ciencia", we have been able to produce this video and share it with you! Please feel free to share it with your contacts! 

The video was recorded during the Researcher's Night in CosmoCaixa, on September 27, 2019. Recorded and produced by FilmoCiencia. Thank you!

The Châtelet Team would like to specially thank Santi Monreal for all the advice in interpretation skills and scenography, and Jags for the design of the folders and posters of this project. 

Thanks to FGCSIC for the project "El salón de las mujeres sabias" of the "Cuenta la Ciencia" call. 

FGCSIC H JPG ColorEstandar 4kResultado de imagen de cuenta la ciencia

Outreach Videos, Women in Science, 2019

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