The 85th meeting of the Executive Committee (EC) of the World Federation of Scientic Workers (FMTS-WFSW) will be held from May 12th to 15th in Barcelona. This international event offers a unique opportunity to join the representatives of the affiliated organisations (AO) to account for the past activities and to plan the forthcoming ones. It is also a worth time for exchanging information, expose experiences, discuss perspectives and forming opinions. During the year, the International Secretariat (IS) meets every month following the directives of the past EC meeting and assures a continued activity of the Federation. Moreover, the EC, the representatives of AOs and the members of the different Commissions are continuously in contact by e-mail.

Taking advantage of the meetings of the EC of the FMTS-WFSW, it has been tradition to also organize a Symposium, this time dedicated to the Energy that Humanity is retrieving from Nature being the first cause of Biosphere alteration. The Symposium will be the Tuesday 12th at the Science Museum ‘Cosmocaixa’ and it is entitled “Solving for Energy, the Key for Survival”. The simposium is organized by the AO Asociación de Personal Investigador del CSIC (API-CSIC) in collaboration with the FMTS-WFSW and the Fundació 'la Caixa'.



Name /activity




Jean-Paul Lainé



Hélène Carteron



Round table 1: moderator Elies Molins

  • The Question of Energy at Large: resources, human needs, research, abundance and safety



José Etcheverry



Elies Molins



Coffee break




Helmut Burkhardt



Farida Cherfa



Josette Rome-Chastanet



Mariano Marzo



Marc Delepouve



Open discussion






14h30- 17h00


Round table 2 : moderator Hélène Carteron

  • Concrete Cases: situation in different countries, the case of nuclear energy



Frederico Carvalho



Vyacheslav Vdovine



Dominique Ghaleb



Namkhai Natsagnyam

  • Political Mechanism for Free Energy



Hélène Carteron

  • Pour un démantèlement des centrales nucléaires (S.Yuasa)



Open discussion







Speakers presentation

Jean-Paul Lainé

President of the FMTS-WFSW, Associated Professor in the University of Rouen  in the field of  Polymer science, Physical chemistry of macromolecules, Erasmus coordinator for the Chemistry department, International representative of the Trade-Union of University teachers in France (1990-2005).


Hélène Carteron


José Etcheverry

Associate Professor and Co-Chair of the Sustainable Energy Initiative (SEI) of the Faculty of Environmental Studies of York University.  The SEI is a research and training organization that includes York University, the Toronto Region and Conservation Authority and leading international organizations. PhD at the University of Toronto, where he specialized on the implementation of hybrid renewable energy systems.

Current research is centred on climate change mitigation and renewable energy policies with a focus on practical policy solutions, collaborative approaches and effective communication strategies. Founding member of the International Renewable Energy Agency's Learning Partnership (www.irelp.org) and the RETScreen International Training Institute (http://www.retscreen.net/ang/training_institute.php).

Member of the Committee of Chairpersons of the World Council for Renewable Energy (www.wcre.de), a member of the experts network of Go 100% Renewable Energy  (http://go100re.net/experts/) and member of the Innovation Network of the Japan Renewable Energy Foundation (http://jref.or.jp/en/innovation_nw/) and the Barcelona RE Task Force.


Elies Molins

Prof. Dr. Elies Molins is Research Professor and Head of the Department of Crystallography at the Institute of Materials Science of Barcelona (CSIC), President of the Research Staff Association of CSIC (API-CSIC) and member of the International Secretariat of the FMTS-WFSW.

His main research interest is in porous materials for different applications (i.e., catalysis for energy, thermal insulation).


Helmut Burkhardt

Dipl.Phys., Dr.Rer.Nat. (Stuttgart). Professor Emeritus. Ryerson University. Toronto, ON, Canada.
Research: thermonuclear fusion, magneto hydrodynamic energy conversion, renewable energy, appropriate technology, general systems theory, substance accounting, sustainability, good global governance.

Memberships: American Association of Physics Teachers, life member and past president of Science for Peace, member of the Canadian Pugwash Group, Canadian World
Federalist Movement.


Farida Cherfa

Permanent researcher at the Centre de Développement des Energies Renouvelables in Algiers.

Senior Research in Photovoltaic Solar Energy Division and specialized in the design and implementation of Grid connected photovoltaic systems. (Monitoring, assessing the performance of photovoltaic plants - Electronic energy converters - Simulation of the integration of renewable energies into the grid).

Executive Board Member of the National syndicate of Permanent Researchers


Josette Rome-Chastanet

Mariano Marzo

Full professor of Stratigraphy - Faculty of Geology (University of Barcelona). Teaching: Petroleum Geology and Energy Resources.

Research interests: application of clastic sedimentology, sequence stratigraphy, reservoir modelling, and basin analysis to the exploration and production of hydrocarbons.

Actively involved in training activities and research projects funded by oil and gas companies (Cepsa, ConocoPhillips, Enagas, ExxonMobil, Hess, Norsk Hydro, Repsol-YPF, Shell, Statoil and Total among others).

He has worked in southern Europe, North Sea, South America, northern Africa and Middle East. M. Marzo has authored and co-authored more than 75 scientific papers, edited or co-edited 15 books and special issues on sedimentology and stratigraphy, held more than 100 presentations on conferences and workshops and has served in the editorial board of highly-reputed international geological journals like “Basin Research”, “Geology” and “Sedimentology”.

Member of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists and of the European Association of Petroleum Geoscientists & Engineers.

Involved in several advisory panels on energy issues working for the Spain, Catalan and Vasc Governments. He is a regular collaborator of “La Vanguardia” and an occasional contributor on energy issues to the main Spain’s media.


Marc Delepouve


Frederico Carvalho

PhD in Neutron Physics (Lisbon University and Karlsruhe University). Senior Researcher (retired) at the Portuguese Nuclear Research Center.

President of OTC-The Portuguese Organization of Scientific Workers. Vice -President of the Executive Council of the World Federation of Scientific Workers.

Member of the Board of Presidents of the Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation.

Main interests: Scientific Workers condition. Science Policy and the social responsibility of Scientific Workers in a changing world.


Vyacheslav Vdovine

Leading scientist, Doctor of Sciences, Professor of Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University n.a. R.E. Alekseev. Ph.D. in Radio physics. Doctor of Sci. on Devices and methods of experimental physics.

Since 1978 he has been working at Institute of Applied Physics as an engineer, senior engineer, junior researcher, researcher, senior researcher and leading researcher. Leading scientist of Astro Space Centre of P.N. Lebedev Physical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Leader of IAP trade-union organization (1991-2007).

Chairman of the trade-union of the Russian Academy of Sciences (2006-2011), Deputy Chairman (since 2011). IEEE & CSA member. Vice president WFSW


Dominique Ghaleb

Chercheur au Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique et aux énergies alternatives, ex administrateur salarié du CEA, co-animateur du collectif de travail en charge des problématiques de recherche au sein de la CGT (Confédération Générale du Travail).


Namkhai Natsagnyam


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