Solid State Chemistry

The Solid State Chemistry (SSC) Research Unit is formed by an interdisciplinary Research Group with the same name that focuses on solid state transformations and processes that lead to new inorganic, polymeric, nanocarbon and nanostructured hybrid materials with direct applications in energy, electronics and biomedicine. The group has the following Research Lines: Electrochemistry and electroactive materials; Supercritical Fluids and Functional Materials; Nitride-Based Materials; Inorganic Materials for Battery Applications; Nanoengineering of Carbon and Inorganic Materials and Nanostructured interfaces for electrochemical energy storage.

Permanent Scientific Researchers

Amparo Fuertes

Research Professor

M. Rosa Palacín

Research Professor

Nieves Casañ

Research Professor

Concepción Domingo

Research Professor

Gerard Tobias

Research Scientist

Ana María López

Ramón y Cajal Researcher

Alexander Ponrouch

Project Researcher

Dino Tonti

Tenured Scientist

Technical Staff

Julio Fraile

Lab. Technician

Antonio Miguel Socías


Postdoctoral Researchers

Deyana Stoytcheva Tchitchekova

Project Researcher

Ahsley Black

Project Researcher

Damien Dominique Monti

Project Researcher

Rafael Trocoli

EU-Marie Curie Researcher

Research Lines

Supercritical Fluids and Functional Materials

Inorganic Materials for Battery Applications

Nitride-Based Materials

Nanoengineering of Carbon and Inorganic Materials

Electrochemistry and electroactive materials

Nanostructured interfaces for electrochemical energy storage

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