Multifunctional Thin Films and Complex Structures

Research group focused on the development and integration of new materials, basically nanometric oxide thin films, and the exploration of their use in photovoltaics, electronics, spintronics, data storage and computing. These broad and scientifically challenging objectives are currently major social demands, as silicon-based electronics is reaching its limit in size, speed and efficiency, and radically new approaches, energy sustainable, are needed.

Specifically, current activities include

  • The search for disruptive approaches to materials and methods in photovoltaic conversion
  • Development of materials and devices that, based on polar materials, may allow us to contribute to develop more efficient data storage and brain-inspired computing schemes and
  • Explore data storage and data manipulation alternatives to current methods, by using non-dissipative currents or efficient plasmonic signals

Permanent Members

Josep Fontcuberta

Research Professor

Lourdes Fàbrega

Tenured Scientist

Florencio Sánchez

Tenured Scientist

Gervasi Herranz

Tenured Scientist

Vassil Skumryev


Mikko Kataja

EU-Marie Curie Researcher

Ferran Macià

Visitor Researcher

Ignasi Fina

Ramon y Cajal researcher

Research Lines

Advanced Optical Imaging

Magnetophotonic and Magnetoplasmonic Materials

Functional oxides on Silicon

Multiferroics and Magnetoelectric Systems

Magnetic Oxide Thin Films

Electronic/Structural Reconstructions at Oxide Surfaces and Interfaces

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