PhD Theses

Fanmao Li

The PhD Researcher Fanmao Liu from the Multifunctional Oxides and Complex Structures group will defend his PhD thesis:

Title: "Photoresponse of ferroelectric BaTiO3 thin films"

Date: Monday, 24 July 2017
Time: 11:00 am
Place: Sala d'actes Carles Miravitlles

liuThe main objective of this thesis is to understand photoelectric effects on nanometric BaTiO3 thin film and give light on relevant mechanisms that control them, aiming to build a more comprehensive understanding of its properties and to guide potential applications. Photoelectric effects studied in this thesis mainly refer to short-circuit photocurrents (Jsc) and the effect of light on polarization (P), focusing on the following aspects:
  1. Influence of imprint Eimp and depolarization Edep fields on the photoresponse in BaTiO3 thin films.
  2. Influence of microstructure and surface adsorbates on the photoresponse in BaTiO3 thin films.
  3. Attempt to narrow the band-gap of BaTiO3 thin films.


  • Prof. Josep Fontcuberta Griñó
  • Dr. Ignasi Fina Martínez
PhD Committee: 
  • President: Dr. Brahim Dkhil, Laboratoire Structures, Propriétés et Modélisation des Solides, CentraleSupélec, Université Paris-Saclay, Paris, France
  • Secretary: Dr. Mariano Campoy-Quiles, Department of Nanostructured Materials for Optoelectronics and Energy Harvesting, Institut de Ciència de Materials de Barcelona, Bellaterra, Spain
  • Vocal: Dr. Ingrid Cañero Infante, Département de l'électronique, Nanotechnologies de Lyon, Lyon, France

PhD Defense

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