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Welcome Carlos Zarco at ICMAB!

Hello everyone! My name is Carlos Zarco and I'm from Barcelona. I am a last-year student of Phisics and Chemistry at UAB and I am performing my degree's final project at ICMAB with Ignasi Fina.



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Welcome Rossella Zaffino at ICMAB!

Hi everyone! My name is Rossella, ok… actually my official name is Rosa Letizia, but not even my parents use it! I am an Italian physicist living in Barcelona since 2008. Here I did a master's degree in Biomedical Engineering and then I obtained the doctorate in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology from the University of Barcelona.


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Welcome Andrada Daniel at ICMAB!

Hola hola everyone I’m Andrada a PhD student from Romania. For 6 weeks I will join the SUMAN group within the EUROFUSION project, under supervisor of Prof. Teresa Puig and Dr. Cornelia Pop. My research work includes the high-temperature superconductors (deposition, growth and characterization of the thin films). I am a very curious person, I like traveling, hiking, reading books, observing the nature and the birds, learning about new cultures and traditions. I feel very lucky to be here! See you around! Hugs


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Welcome Theo Marcusson at ICMAB!

Hello everybody! My name is Theo Erik Marcusson. I am a swedish-spanish last year Nanoscience & Nanotechnology student in UAB, doing my BSc Final Thesis here in the ICMAB. It will be about simulating and studying the phenomenon of magnetophoresis in the Simulation and Theory group with Jordi Faraudo. I am really looking forward to absorb and interiorize as much knowledge as possible while I am here!


Spain, Sweden

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Welcome Carlos García at ICMAB!

Hello, my name is Carlos García, I'm a last-year chemistry sudent at UAB and I'll be doing my degree's final project at ICMAB under supervision of Dr. Angel Pérez del Pino. I'm really looking forward to start this project and learn as much as I can.



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Welcome Alba Toro at ICMAB!

Hello! My name is Alba Toro. I am a last-year student of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology at UAB. I will be performing my final degree project at Molecular Nanoscience and Organic Materials Group



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Welcome Román Healy Corominas at ICMAB!

Hey there! My name is Román Healy, I am student from Barcelona pursuing the last year of my bachelor's on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. I have joined ICMAB to do my bachelor thesis which is related to the Fabrication of Li-ion batteries at low voltages to use them in IoT autonomous sensors. As for me, I am a person that enjoys cooking, reading, travelling, drinking beer on a terrace in the afternoon, hiking and lastly, but most important, to be surrounded by people that I care for. I hope to have a wonderful time at ICMAB and to learn from the best!



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Welcome Nanthilde Malandain at ICMAB!

Hi ! I’m Nanthilde and I’m from France. I completed a Master’s in Molecular and Cellular Biology. I have joined, as a PhD student, the Nanoparticles and Nanocomposites group. I will be working with bacterial cellulose for skin cultures. I speak a very little Spanish but I’m learning it ! I love photography, enjoying landscapes while walking the trails and cooking. I am delighted to join you, hope to meet everyone and learn new things !



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Welcome María José Mostazo at ICMAB!

Hi, my name is María José Mostazo and I am from Alicante. I have joined ICMAB to work as postdoc researcher in the group Inorganic Materials and Catalysis Laboratory during the next two years. I enjoy cinema, reading and travelling. I hope to have a great time at ICMAB during my stay here.



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Welcome Jordi Floriach-Clark at ICMAB|

Hola a totes! I'm Jordi, a BSc in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (UAB) now finishing my MSc in Plant Biotechnology in Wageningen University & Research (Netherlands). My scientific aim is to develop gene and metabolite carriers for plants to expand the emerging field of phyto-nanotechnology.


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Welcome Núria Pujol at ICMAB!

Hello everyone! My name is Núria Pujol and I am a last-year student of Physics and Chemistry at UAB.


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Welcome Sandra Fernández Cabello at ICMAB!

Hello! My name is Sandra and I am from Barcelona. Currently, I am in the last year of my degree in chemistry and I will perform my Final Degree Project about Magnetic Graphene-based aerogels containing MOFs in the Solid State Chemistry’s group. I regard myself as a curious, enthusiastic and friendly person. Besides that, my favourites hobbies are dancing and travelling. I hope to pick up lot of knowledge, contribute as much as possible both to the group and to the MOF’s research project, and last but not least, enjoy of this new experience!



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Welcome Mar Alcaraz at ICMAB!

Hello everybody! My name is Mar Alcaraz and I am currently writing my bachelor's final project in chemistry at ICMAB. I am working together with Jordi Faraudo and Nieves Casañ, trying to model the interaction between neurons and induced dipoles created in brain implanted electrodes. Hope to enjoy and learn a lot about research from this experience!



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Welcome Selma Msaoura at ICMAB!

Hello! I’am selma Msaoura ,  I’am from tunisia, I’am a PhD student from university of Gabes. I will spend an internship period at ICMAB in order to complete my thesis in cristallography under the supervision of Prof. Elies Molins and Dr. Monica Benito


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Welcome Aurna at ICMAB!

Hi, I’m Naureen Khanam and my nickname is Aurna, which I prefer to be called. I’m from Bangladesh, born and brought up there. I did my bachelor from Bangladesh and completed EIT InnoEnergy double degree masters programme from Poland and Portugal. In N&N group, I’ll be working with Martí Gich in the “Ferrites-by-design for Millimeter waves and Terahertz Technologies (FeMiT)” project. I love reading, walking, being in the nature, sometimes cooking and appreciate living a balanced and sustainable life. Hope to have a great time at ICMAB.



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Welcome Anna Bertomeu at ICMAB!

Hi! I’m Anna from Barcelona and I’ve joined the ICMAB to do an internship in the laser processing group with Dr. Angel Pérez del Pino. Currently I am an undergraduate Physics student at UB and a basketball player. I like sports, nature and travelling. I hope I can learn a lot




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Welcome Eleonor Artot at ICMAB!

Hi! I am Eleonor Artot from France. I am a chemistry student in material’s field in an engineering school. I will spend an internship period at ICMAB in order to complete my second-year engineering studies. I just joined the laser processing research group of Dr. Angel Perez Del Pino to perform researches on fabrication of nanocarbon-based supercapacitors through laser processing techniques. My favourites hobbies are swimming and travelling. I am looking forward to explore new sciences and contribute as much as possible.


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Welcome Artur Martínez at ICMAB!

Hello everyone! I'm Artur Martínez, from Barcelona, and I'm joining the communication department at ICMAB! I am really stoked to help get the word out about the good work that's being done here. I enjoy photography and cinema, and I hope to learn a lot during my time in ICMAB, both about my field and about science!


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Welcome Dalinda Quingatuña at ICMAB!

Hi ! my name is Dalinda Quingatuña, I'm from Ecuador!! I am a PhD student from University of Granada. I work in Dynamic Molecular with model MARTINI and now I'm going to work under the supervision of Dr. Jordi Faraudo. I'm delighted to be at ICMAB.

(The photography is taken in Mitad del Mundo, Quito - Ecuador)



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Welcome Víctor Vallejo at ICMAB!

Hi. My name is Víctor and I have studied nanoscience and nanotechnology in the Autonomus University of Barcelona. I am currently investigating in ICMAB about the properties of the bacterial cellulose to use it in batteries, exactly in their electrodes. I am a person who takes care about the environment and enjoys to do activities in the nature. So, investigate a new way to store energy using a cheaper and biofriendly method is one of the things which motivates me to do that research.



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Welcome Chris James at ICMAB!

Hola! I'm Chris and I'm currently involved in a TFM project in the NANOMOL group investigating the functionalization of SAMs with different nanoparticles. I completed my Bachelor's in Biomedical Science back home in Wales and am currently enrolled in the Masters of Molecular Biotechnology at UB. I enjoy snowboarding, surfing and cycling; all possible here (or nearby) in Barcelona!


United Kingdom

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Welcome Alex Pérez at ICMAB!

Hello there! I'm Alex, I'm in my last course as a chemistry student in UAB and I'll be doing my TFG in ICMAB about deposition studies of molecular based materials on electrodes. I'm really excited about it! I enjoy travelling a lot like in this photo, when I visited my relatives back in the US



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Welcome Arnau Güell Bara at ICMAB!

Hello! My name is Arnau Güell and I am graduated in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology in UAB. I am currently doing a MSc in Biomedical Engineering and now I have also started a practicum at NanomolTechSL researching in Quatsomes. I am a big fan of bouldering and I also enjoy playing basketball and playing the guitar.



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Welcome Carles Guillén Almiñana at ICMAB!

Hello, I'm Carles and I'm a last-year physics student at UAB, I'm writing the Bachelor's final project at ICMAB about magnetic convection currents at the Materials Simulation and Theory department. I'm quite excited to start this new adventure and feel like a real scientist!



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Welcome Hanna Reijneveld at ICMAB!

Hi, I am Hanna Reijneveld from Enschede, in the east of the Netherlands. I am a double master student in nanotechnology and chemical engineering track molecules and materials engineering. I will work in the NANOMOL group with Xavi under supervision of dr. Imma Ratera on anchoring of biomolecules to surfaces. I love travelling, good food and field hockey and I look forward to my time here!


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Welcome Sara Gónzalez at ICMAB!

Hi! I'm Sara González. I am a chemistry student from UAB and I will be doing my degree's final project at ICMAB working with organic semiconductor compounds. My favourite hobbies are reading, going to the cinema and travelling


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Welcome Leon Smook at ICMAB!

Hola, bon dia. My name is Leon Smook and I am from the Netherlands. I will be doing an internship at ICMAB in the group of Dr. Mestres on growing thin oxide films. Science, culture, hopefully good weather - Barcelona has it all. I am looking forward to this adventure near this beautiful city


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Welcome Nadia Celeste Vega at ICMAB!

Hola! I am Nadia Celeste Vega and I just joined the NANOPTO group of ICMAB, with the direction of Dr. Mariano Campoy Quiles, to make a research stay within the frame BEC.AR Program. I am from Argentina, I am a Physicist, and I have just finished my postdoctoral program at the National University of Tucumán (UNT), where I have been researching about semiconductor nanomaterials with optoelectric properties and their aplication in devices.

Here in ICMAB, the idea is work with the fabricaction of new hybrids solar cells, and their characterization. Besides my cientific activity, I like to dance, swim, and drink coffe. Also, I love to travel, learn about different thing, and share with friends and partners. But, the most important is be with my beloved family and spend time with them!. I am very happy about this new adventure in Barcelona, hopping to meet new people and explore new sciences at ICMAB!


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Welcome Diego Valdospinos at ICMAB!

Hello, my name is Diego, I'm a MSc student at the UAB on Advanced Biotechnology. I'm from Ecuador. I'm going to work with Nora Ventosa and Mariana Köber in Quatsomes.

I'm delighted to be at ICMAB. My favourites hobbies are playing videogames and play soccer. My favourite team is Barcelona from Ecuador. (Yeah this team has the same name as Barça team, lol)!

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Welcome Francisco De Santiago at ICMAB!

Hello, my name is Francisco De Santiago, I'm a PhD student from Mexico City. I work in DFT calculations and now I'm going to work with Dr. Riccardo Rurali's group in ab initio calculations of thermal conductivity. I'm delighted to be at ICMAB.

The picture above shows me at my typical tacos' place!



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Welcome Vinod V K Thalakkatukalathil at ICMAB!

Hi all, I am Vinod from Kerala, India. I just joined Nanoparticles and Nanocomposites group, working with Martí Gich in the ERC project FeMiT: Ferrites-by-design for Millimeter waves and Terahertz Technologies.

I obtained my PhD from Université de Bretagne Occidentale, France. My research interests include material characterization techniques (microwave to sub-terahertz frequencies), EM modeling, EM wave propagation studies, and design and development of microwave/millimeter wave devices.

I like travelling and reading. See you around!

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Welcome Dídac Pérez Escrich at ICMAB!

Hi there!
I am Dídac, 22 years old and I am in the last course of the double degree in Physics & Chemistry offered by the UAB. I am joining the ICMAB in order to do my end-of-degree projects altogether with the theory and simulation of materials group under the supervision of Dr. Riccardo Rurali. I cannot wait to get hands on with real science!


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Welcome Emanuele Bosoni at ICMAB!

Ciao people! My name is Emanuele and I've just joined the Theory and Simulation unit, working with Alberto Garcia. I'm originally from Italy, but I feel pretty European after living in 4 different countries in the past 5 years. I just finished my PhD program in Dublin and here I work as maintainer/developer of the software aiida-siesta. Aiida-siesta allows to run quantum-mechanical simulations on many systems in an automatic way. The idea is to unlock the power of modern supercomputer in order to create databases of calculated material properties that can then be explored in search for materials with ad-hoc characteristics.

I love sports, swimming and judo mostly. Moreover I like to travel and admire the beauty of the Creation (see picture for a reference!). I'm very exited for this new adventure in Barcelona, I look forward to explore new science and meet new people!

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Welcome Adolfo de Hoyos-Limón at ICMAB!

My name is Adolfo, I am nanoscience and nanotechnology student at UAB and I will be at Molecular Nanoscience and Organic Materials Group (NANOMOL) during my TFG research. I am looking forward to learn and contribute as much as possible.


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Welcome Joana Ribeiro at ICMAB!

Hello! My name is Joana Ribeiro and I am from Guimarães, a city in the North part of Portugal. I am an applied physicist and just started my PhD at the University of Minho. The goal of my work is to increase the thermoelectric properties of Transparent conductive oxide thin films. At ICMAB, I will be working together with the Nanopto group, measuring the thermal conductivity of doped ZnO and TiO2 thin films.

I practice japanese martial arts and enjoy travelling, photography and drawing.

Best Regards, Joana Ribeiro


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Welcome Filipe Correia at ICMAB!

Hola! My name is Filipe Correia. I am a Metallurgist with a minor in physics from the very North of Portugal. As a PhD student at the University of Minho, my goal is to increase the thermoelectrics properties of some Transparent conductive oxides. At ICMAB, I will be working with the Nanopto group, measuring thermal conductivity of doped ZnO and TiO2 thin films. I enjoy hiking, swimming and of course playing football. I am very happy to be here, see you around!


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Welcome Alexander Edström at ICMAB!

My name is Alex and I am originally from Sweden, where I also did my PhD in physics at Uppsala University. After that I spent three years as postdoctoral researcher in Zürich, Switzerland, before coming to ICMAB and Barcelona via an international postdoc grant from the Swedish research council. In my research I use computational methods to study the properties of materials, with focus on magnetism and magnetic materials. At ICMAB I will work with Massimiliano Stengel to investigate strain gradient induced magnetic phenomena. 

In my free time I like running, snowboarding, cooking and eating good food.


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Welcome Genís Guillem at ICMAB!

Hi, I'm Genís Guillem from Sabadell. I am in the last course of de the degree in Physics and Chemistry of the UAB and I will be making my TFG in chemistry in the ICMAB.
The photography is taken near the Old Man of Storr on the isle of Skye in Scotland. It was a short and pleasant hike.


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Welcome Xavi Marcó at ICMAB!

Heyo! I'm Xavi from Barcelona. I'm a chemistry student who will be doing his TFG at ICMAB working with magnetic metamaterials. I consider myself a cheerful person and I love music and cheese above all. One of my dreams is to bring science to the people and make it interesting enough to make them learn and be entertained via Youtube videos or so. See you around!


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