Exploiting the versatile alkyne-based chemistry for expanding the applications of a stable triphenylmethyl organic radical on surfaces

Jesús Alejandro de Sousa , Francesc Bejarano, Diego Gutiérrez, Yann Leroux, Ewa-Malgorzata Nowik Boltyk, Tobias Junghoefer, Erika Giangrisostomi, Ruslan Ovsyannikov, Maria Benedetta Casu, Jaume Veciana, Marta Mas-Torrent, Bruno Fabre, Concepció Rovira and Nuria Crivillers. Chem. Sci., 2019, Accepted Manuscript.  

Tuneable and low cost molecular electronics

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Are the Accompanying Cations of Doping Anions Influential in Conducting Organic Polymers? The Case of the Popular PEDOT

Dr. Isabel Fuentes, Dr. María José Mostazo‐López, Dr. Zsolt Kelemen, Prof. Dr. Vicente Compañ, Dr. Andreu Andrio, Prof. Dr. Emilia Morallón, Prof. Dr. Diego Cazorla‐Amorós, Prof. Dr. Clara Viñas, Prof. Dr. Francesc Teixidor. Chemistry A European Journal, 06 August 2019.  

Tuneable and low cost molecular electronics

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