PhD Theses

Blai Casals

Dr. Blai Casals Montserrat has defended his PhD thesis, entitled "Magneto-optical spectroscopy and domain imaging of functional oxides" on Friday, September 15th, at 11 am. The ICMAB Sala d'actes Carles Miravitlles was not big enough to fit all the people, including ICMAB colleagues, friends and family, who attented the PhD defense!

PhD Congrats

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Changyong Lu

The PhD Researcher Changyong Lu from the Superconducting Materials and Large Scale Nanostructures (SUMAN) group (ICMAB) and the UAB will defend his PhD thesis:

PhD Defense

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Ashley P. Black

Dr. Ashley Black graduated with a thesis in "New oxynitride materials with luminescent, magnetic and catalytic properties" in the Solid State Chemistry group, supervised by Dr. Amparo Fuertes.

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Elena Marchante

Dr. Elena Marchante graduated with a thesis in "Self-assembled monolayers of electroactive molecules for the preparation of memory devices" in the NANOMOL group, supervised by Dr. Marta Mas-Torrent and Dr. Núria Crivillers Clusella. 

PhD Congrats

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Bernhard Dörling

Dr. Bernhard Dörling graduated with a thesis in "Conjugated Materials for Thermoelectrics and Photovoltaics" in the NANOPTO group, supervised by Dr. Mariano Campoy-Quiles and Dr. Miquel Garriga Bacardí. 

PhD Congrats

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Thesis Stefania Sandoval (PHOTOS)

Congratulations to Stefania Sandoval for obtaining her PhD with a Thesis entitled "Funcionalización de Nanomateriales de Carbono con Nitrógeno, Haluros y Óxidos"

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Thesis Justo Cabrera (PHOTOS)

Congratulations to Justo Cabrera for obtaining his PhD with a Thesis entitled "Nuevos Derivados Basados en Clústeres de Boro: Desarrollo, Aproximaciones Fotofísicas y Funcionalización de Plataformas”

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Congratulation to Lidia Ferrer for obtaining her PhD

Congratulation to Lidia Ferrer for obtaining her PhD with a Thesis entitled "Cholesterol and Compressed CO2: a Smart Molecular Building Block and Advantageous Solvent to Prepare Stable Self-assembled Colloidal Nanostructures

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A new Doctor among us: Anna Esther Carrillo

Today we pay homage to a new doctor in our center. She is Doctor Anna Esther Carrillo Fernández and obtained her new Ph.D on February 8 after the lecture of “Mecanismos de crecimiento y desarrollo microestructural de cerámicas superconductoras texturadas”.

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Excellent cum laude for the PhD Thesis of Jessica Padilla

Congratulations to Dr. Jessica Padilla Pantoja on obtaining her doctorate on February 4th after reading her thesis "Spin-lattice coupling in strongly correlated cobalt oxides Characterized by synchrotron and neutron techniques" under the direction of professor Jose Luis Garcia Muñoz. After obtaining a score of Excellent the new Doctor was praised by her peers and the choir of the center sang in her honor.

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La Sociedad Española de Química premia la tesis del doctorado CiQUS Luiz F. Pinto

La Junta Directiva del Grupo Especializado de Resonancia Magnética Nuclear (GERMN) ha premiado como una de las Mejores Tesis Doctorales de RMN y sus Aplicaciones 2015 la tesis del doctorado CiQUS Luiz F. Pinto titulada «Estudios de Relajación por RMN: Dinámica de Dendrímeros, Interacciones Intermoleculares, Supresión Selectiva de Señales y Incremento de Sensibilidad»

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Excellent for the PhD Thesis of Bernat Bozzo

February 3rd, 2016 — Congratulations to  Dr Bernat Bozzo Closas who graduated with a PhD Thesis on ”Superconducting Joining of Melt Textured YBCO Bulks", supervised by Prof. Xavier Obradors

PhD Defense

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