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Kick-off of the interactive exhibition "Matheroes: Supermaterials, hereos of the future"

On July 12, 2018, the ineractive exhibiton "Matheroes: Supermaterials, heroes of the future" was officially inaugurated in Artea, a shopping center located in Leioa (Bilbao). The inauguration was held by Enrique Echeverría, Artea Managing Director, Anaida Flores, Artea Director of Marketing, Aitor Bergara, Researcher at UPV/EHU, Anna May-Masnou, Communication & Outreach officer at ICMAB-CSIC, and Guillermo Orduña, Director of Marketing at Esciencia.
Jul 13, 2018

The "Matheroes" exhibiton, designed by ICMAB-CSIC, in collaboration with the FECYT (Fundación Española para la Ciencia y la Tecnología) - Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities, shows five new superheroes corresponding to the five different research lines at ICMAB: FotoEnergia (materials for energy), BioNanoCápsula (biomaterials), ElectroWoman (molecular materials), SuperConductor (superconducting materials) and Magnon (oxides and magnetic materials). 

The participants are able to see first-hand the materials that are being developed currently in the materials science field, materials that seem science fiction, for their incredible properties, such as superconductivity or photoluminescence. 

The interactive exhibition is formed by five different panels, featuring each one of the superheroes, and in which the visitors can see some samples of the materials donated by some of the ICMAB researchers. In addition, next to the exhibiton, there is an area in which the kids can become "superscientists" and participate in some science activities related with the materials properties, such as invisibility, strength, photoluminescence or levitation.

This project is designed by many ICMAB researchers that have participated with ideas and by donating and explaining the materials properties, and by Esciencia, a science outreach company from Zaragoza. The objective is to show the materals science research performed by our researchers in a more attractive way, in order to reach the young kids and teenagers.

The ultimate goal is to allow the visitors to participate in the exhibition, to be surpriesed and to enjoy science. 

The "Matheroes" exhibition will be on tour during the following year, in Zaragoza, Barcelona, and much more. If you are interested in hosting the exhibition, please contact us! 

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