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A new european infrastructure will facilitate the transfer of nano-pharmaceuticals from the lab to the clinic

March 25, 2021

Pels de la sessió de la tarda! Que gaudiu molt de la diada de Sant Jordi! A la web podreu veure llibres que recomanen els #ICMABers! #SantJordi2021 🌹📚🐴#HappySantJordi


Bon Sant Jordi! 📚Happy Sant Jordi everyone! 🌹🐉 One more year, the ICMAB staff recommends you some new books. Check them out in our site! Link in bio #stjordi #santjordi #stjordi2021 #book #literature


Aquest matí hem estat amb 25 instituts de tot Catalunya, gairebé 700 joves de batxillerat, 6 alumni del grau de nano, 4 centres de recerca i la UAB, parlant de nanociència i nanotecnologia! Ens ha agradat molt compartir el matí amb vosaltres!


Here it is! The new Nanoparticles & Nanocomposites Lab is finally ready! We are excited to learn what is cooking here 👀 #materials #materialscience #lab #research #laboratory #nano #nanocomposites #nanoparticles #nanotechnology


Bacterial nanocellulose is an emergent biocompatible natural polymer with increasing applicability in the healthcare sector. A potential innovative application can be found in the design of surgical meshes for the treatment of abdominal hernias. Read more at #biomaterials #surgicalmesh #bacterialcellulose


Beautiful science. Gold nanotriangles by Leonardo Scarabelli. TEM image. Transmission Electron Microscopy.


One of the main strategic priority actions of the Severo Ochoa “Smart Functional Materials for a Better Future” #FUNFUTURE are the Frontier Interdisciplinary Projects #FIP On Tuesday, 13 April 2021, the granted projects of the 2020 call were announced. These are the titles and researchers involved. Do you want to know more?


This morning, the building was particularly nice. Behind the trees, under the clouds. Solar roof top. Materials hiding and waiting for you!


The short stories contest @inspiraciencia_  organized by @csic @fecyt_ciencia brings together science and literature. The stories can be submitted from 9 April until June 13 in Spanish, Catalan, Galician or Basque. More information in our site!


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