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Guillem Vargas will defend his PhD Thesis on 23 October 2020 at 11 am!

The PhD researcher Guillem Vargas from the Nanomol group at ICMAB will defend his PhD thesis on Friday, 23 October 2020, at 11 am in an online session. The PhD Thesis Defense will be held by videoconference from the ICMAB Meeting Room. Register here to attend the PhD Thesis defense via Zoom. 

Novel Quatsome nanovesicles, prepared using compressed CO2, for the development of advanced nanomedicines

by Guillem Vargas Nadal, Nanomol Group (ICMAB) and Nanomol Technologies

Date: Friday, 23 October2020
Time: 11  am
Venue: Online session from the ICMAB Meeting Room. Register here to attend the PhD Thesis defense via Zoom. 

Abstract: The nanovesicles are being developed and investigated to be used in the pharmaceutical world to deliver drug and detect diseases. However, there are some drawbacks related to the nanovesicles that must be considered, like their stability and their applicability. Concerning that, in this Thesis we have developed a new type of stable nanovesicles called MKC-Quatsomes to be used as intravenous drug delivery systems. Their production, physicochemical characteristics, and stability are strongly related to the dispersant medium. Furthermore, the MKC-Quatsomes were labeled with fluorescent organic dyes, which present FRET phenomenon in order to overcome the drawbacks of the single-dye-loaded nanoparticles.


  • Nora Ventosa (Nanomol Group, ICMAB)
  • Lidia Ferrer (Nanomol Technologies S.L.)

PhD Committee:

  • President: Ana Calpena (UB, Spain)
  • Secretary: Fèlix Llovell (IQS and URV, Spain)
  • Vocal: Nadia Barbero (Università di Torino (UniTO), Italy)

PhD Defense

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