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"Photonic mirror" the winning photo of our FOTICMAB 2020 contest

We have already the results of our FOTICMAB photo and video contest, in this 2020 edition. First of all, congratulations to all the participants! The photos were great. And we are happy that you participated in all the categories, even in the new one, dedicated to the "confination" time during the pandemic of the Covid-19. But... there are always winners, and you can discover them here!
Jun 19, 2020

The FOTICMAB 2020 has received the participation of 35 artistic photos, 18 science photos, 11 confined photos, 19 cultural photos and 1 webcam monologues video! Congratulations to all the participants! You can take a look at all the photos and the votes they received, at the FOTICMAB website

There is one winner in each category, and two finalists. The winners of each category will receive a gift card to spend in material (books, office material, etc)  at the Abacus Book Store.  

Scientific category

First prize: A colourful mirror

First prize for "Photonic mirror" by Mayte Gómez Castaño, PhD researcher in the ENLIGHTMENT project, within the NANOPTO group. The photo is a reflection from photonic crystals covered with gold.


Science Finalists

First finalist for "Neuronal explosion" by Guillem Vargas Nadal, PhD researcher in nanomedicine in the Nanomol Group


Second finalist for "Small scale drawing with rhodamine" by Raquel Gimeno Muñoz, PhD researcher in the FunNanoSurf group. The photo is an orderly immobilization of rhodamine molecules on a previously functionalized glass surface. 


Artistic category

First prize: Colourful bubbles and sky

First prize for "Bubbles in the sunset" by Guillem Vargas Nadal, PhD researcher in the Nanomol Group


Artistic Finalists

First finalist for "Bug" by Pablo García Lebière, PhD researcher in the  Laser Procesing research group. 


Second finalist for "Peace of mind" by Sole Roig, PhD researcher in the Nanoparticles and Nanocomposites Group. The photo are bamboo rolls perfectly arranged. 


Cultures category

First prize: A Norwegian church

First prize for "The Stave Church from Gol" by Pablo García Lebière, PhD researcher in the  Laser Procesing research group. The picture shows one of the main attractions at Norsk Folkemuseum, in Norway. 


Culture Finalists

First finalist for "The cat meets Alhambra's culture" by Sohini Sinha, PhD researcher at the LMI group. A fusion of different cultures in art form. 


Second finalist for "Viking Ship" by Pablo García Lebière, PhD researcher in the  Laser Procesing research group. The photo shows a part of the Oseberg Ship at the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo. 


Confination category

First prize: The Seychelles at home

First prize for "Confinamiento en las Seychelles" by Guillem Vargas Nadal, PhD researcher in the Nanomol Group


First finalist for "Hello! from afar" by Jewell Ann Maria Xavier, PhD researcher at the LMI group. The warmest greeting maintaining social distance amidst all the chaos. 


Second finalist for "Ohmmm" by Ana M. López Periago, Ramon y Cajal reseracher at the Supercritical Fluids and Functional Materials group, within the Solid State Chemistry Group. The photo is the state in which the parents are after two weeks with a 3-year old. 


Video category

First and only prize for "The secret ingredient" by Adara Babuji, with the participation of Sohini Sinha and Jewel Ann Maria Xavier. The video is a magic recipe for making pancakes!

Thank you for keeping this contest alive!

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