Title Published Date
Welcome Roger Morales at ICMAB! 10 May 2023
Welcome Ona Mola Bertran at ICMAB! 03 May 2023
Welcome Andrés Tellez at ICMAB! 03 May 2023
Welcome Laura Blanco at ICMAB! 02 May 2023
Welcome Andreu Quesada Jaén at ICMAB! 21 March 2023
Welcome Lia Cano Riu at ICMAB! 20 March 2023
Welcome Francesc Xavier Capella Guardià at ICMAB! 14 March 2023
Welcome Jordi Puigdefábregas Caminal at ICMAB! 10 March 2023
Welcome Adrià Canals Calderón at ICMAB! 03 March 2023
Welcome Irene Sarmiento Muñoz at ICMAB! 03 March 2023
Welcome Pablo Rodríguez Núñez at ICMAB! 02 March 2023
Welcome Josep Amorós Armenté at ICMAB! 23 February 2023
Welcome José Luis Ortolá Yano at ICMAB! 08 February 2023
Welcome Marc Ramón Moreno at ICMAB! 03 February 2023
Welcome Daniel Martín Jiménez at ICMAB! 09 January 2023
Welcome Liher Urrutia at ICMAB! 09 January 2023
Welcome Pau García Ramón at ICMAB! 19 December 2022
Welcome Aylin at ICMAB! 05 December 2022
Welcome Sergio at ICMAB! 22 November 2022
Welcome Maia at ICMAB! 22 November 2022
Welcome Pol Alonso Pernas at ICMAB! 21 November 2022
Welcome Àxel Cortés at ICMAB! 18 November 2022
Welcome Álvaro Lozano Roche at ICMAB! 16 November 2022
Welcome Carla Torres at ICMAB! 04 November 2022
Welcome Alba García Pérez at ICMAB! 27 October 2022
Welcome Llorenç Benaches Magraner at ICMAB! 26 October 2022
Welcome Luis Pérez Fidalgo at ICMAB! 13 September 2022
Welcome Alejandro Cuesta at ICMAB! 19 July 2022
Welcome Ana Conde Rubio at ICMAB! 11 July 2022
Martí Gibert Roca will defend his PhD Thesis on 15 June 2022 at 11 am 23 May 2022
PhD position at ICMAB: Lymph Node-inspired 3D Hydrogels as Cancer Models 10 May 2022
2022 04 May 2022
Welcome Jaume Bruguera Farrés at ICMAB! 29 April 2022
Grau en Ciències Biomèdiques / Biomedical Sciences 12 April 2022
The Clúster MAV event on micro- and nanomaterials gathers ICMAB, ICN2 and IMB-CNM researchers 01 April 2022
Welcome Yolanda Ronda López at ICMAB! 22 February 2022
Welcome Arnau Ortiz Vallès at ICMAB! 17 February 2022
Welcome Mauricio Echeverría Gallart at ICMAB! 16 February 2022
Two new laser techniques to make hybrid electrodes at Transfiere 2022 14 February 2022
Welcome Oriol Escofet at ICMAB! 08 February 2022
Welcome Espe Medina at ICMAB! 04 February 2022
Welcome Berta Bonàs at ICMAB! 28 January 2022
Szolnoky, Clara 21 January 2022
Welcome Mario Villa Navas at ICMAB! 13 January 2022
Welcome Laura Remacha Gelabertó at ICMAB! 10 January 2022
Vilanova Vidal, Enrique [Project Researchers ] 13 December 2021
ICMAB researchers granted with 6 Proof-of-Concept projects in the last AEI call 01 December 2021
2022 30 November 2021
Waffelaert Pascual, Laia 30 November 2021
Cesc Vidal 23 November 2021
Welcome Alejandro Ramo at ICMAB! 11 November 2021
Welcome Xevi Martínez at ICMAB! 27 October 2021
"Modulated phases in ferroic oxide thin films" by Silvia Damerio (U. Groningen) (Tues, 2 Nov 2021) 26 October 2021
Investigating the Ubiquitous Presence of Nanometric Water Films on Surfaces 12 October 2021
Welcome Rita Grimalt at ICMAB! 04 October 2021
Welcome Diego Esteban at ICMAB! 01 October 2021
Coming soon! SOPHOT: Severo Ochoa Workshop on Phononics and Thermal Transport 28 September 2021
Copper Oxide Nanocubes Wrapping Metals by Microwave Synthesis 28 September 2021
Welcome Roger Mora de la Serna at ICMAB! 27 September 2021
Welcome Jordi Aguilar Larruy at ICMAB! 21 September 2021
Welcome Laia Avilés Domínguez at ICMAB! 20 September 2021
Engineering Plasmonic Colloidal Meta-Molecules for Tunable Photonic Supercrystals 17 September 2021
Welcome David Ramón Llorente at ICMAB! 13 September 2021
Open call for Severo Ochoa FUNFUTURE Frontier Interdisciplinary Projects (FIP) 2021 at ICMAB 09 September 2021
Welcome Camilla Lo Conte at ICMAB! 08 September 2021
El sincrotró ALBA aspira a crear un pol científic amb els fons europeus 02 September 2021
Welcome Dmytro Kukhtar Kukhtar at ICMAB! 02 September 2021
Welcome Daniel Sánchez Rodríguez at ICMAB! 24 August 2021
Welcome Josep Llobet at ICMAB! 13 July 2021
Welcome Yaiza Martínez at ICMAB! 08 July 2021
Welcome Manel Serrano at ICMAB! 07 July 2021
Welcome Marc Solans Díaz at ICMAB! 07 July 2021
Welcome Mariona Aguilera at ICMAB! 02 July 2021
Welcome Sara Marina at ICMAB! 16 June 2021
Welcome Sara Marina at ICMAB! 16 June 2021
Martinez Domingo, Carme [Juan de la Cierva Researcher] 14 June 2021
Sánchez Miñarro, Alejandro [Project Researchers ] 14 June 2021
A possible new world for antibiotics: boron salts against antimicrobial resistance 09 June 2021
The SCN2 organizes the 2021 Nanotechnology & Industry for PhD researchers day 08 June 2021
PhD position in Organic Electronics at ICMAB 07 June 2021
Sohini Sinha, best Poster Prize at the UAB PhD in Chemistry Doctoral Workshop 2021 for her presentation on luminescent systems for imaging 03 June 2021
Pau Molet will defend his PhD Thesis on 18 June 2021 at 11 am at ICMAB 02 June 2021
Magnetic nanoparticles to face cancer: David against Goliath 31 May 2021
Congratulations Dr. Saúl Estandía, new ICMAB Graduate 31 May 2021
New Cover in “Journal of Materials C” on chirality influenced electronic transport in molecular conductors 25 May 2021
Pablo Guardia and Raphael Pfattner awarded with a Ramón y Cajal grant #RyC 21 May 2021
CRYSTALMATCH 2021: First crystallization contest at ICMAB 20 May 2021
Conducting chiral nickel(ii) bis(dithiolene) complexes: structural and electron transport modulation with the charge and the number of stereogenic centres 18 May 2021
Interaction of Luminescent Defects in Carbon Nanotubes with Covalently Attached Stable Organic Radicals 07 May 2021
Welcome Sergio Herce at ICMAB! 23 April 2021
Welcome Carme Martínez Domingo at ICMAB! 16 April 2021
Welcome Luis Iglesias at ICMAB! 06 April 2021
Welcome Raúl Artal López at ICMAB! 06 April 2021
Welcome Rubén García at ICMAB! 01 April 2021
Nanoinventum asks children to create nanorobots and enjoy science 31 March 2021
Welcome Alejandro Sánchez Miñarro at ICMAB! 26 March 2021
Sole Porta, Anna 26 March 2021
Welcome Martín Testa Anta at ICMAB! 03 March 2021
Referents ocults; 10 dones que van inspirar les científiques d’avui 12 February 2021
Welcome Rubén at ICMAB! 08 February 2021
Welcome Rubén at ICMAB! 08 February 2021
Aprenem de la natura gràcies a Dani Jiménez 29 January 2021
Welcome Marc Domingo Cabasés at ICMAB! 15 January 2021
Homoconjugation in Light-Emitting Poly(phenylene methylene)s: Origin and Pressure-Enhanced Photoluminescence 29 December 2020
New SCN2 Direction Board with two ICMABers: Pamela Machado and Jordi Floriach Clark 18 December 2020
100 attendees at the 1st meeting of the CSIC Equality Committees promoted by the ICM 14 December 2020
Welcome Marta at ICMAB! 14 December 2020
Welcome Toni at ICMAB! 10 December 2020
Welcome Kim at ICMAB! 10 December 2020
Judith Guasch in Onda Cero Radio: mimicking lymph-nodes to proliferate T cells 09 December 2020
ICMAB is partner organization of CRAG's AGenT COFUND Postdoctoral Programme 07 December 2020
Two PhD positions on "Hybrid and Organic Thermoelectrics" within a MSCA ITN at ICMAB 02 December 2020
Lídia Ballell, Poster Prize at the SCN2 II Annual Conference of Nanomedicine 26 November 2020
PostDoc Talk: "Plasmon-enhanced light–matter interaction: from molecular detection to energy harvesting applications" by Luis A. Pérez (Mon, 30 Nov 2020) 20 November 2020
10 Measures for LGBT+ equality in Research Centers by PRISMA #ConferenciaPRISMA 18 November 2020
Welcome Esteve Ribas at ICMAB! 18 November 2020
Welcome Rubén Rodríguez at ICMAB! 10 November 2020
Welcome Alba Cazorla Moreno at ICMAB! 09 November 2020
Welcome Anna Solé Porta at ICMAB! 06 November 2020
Welcome Jose Mendoza at ICMAB! 04 November 2020
Epitaxial Ferroelectric La-doped Hf0.5Zr0.5O2 Thin Films 03 November 2020
Welcome Meritxell Toda at ICMAB! 30 October 2020
Welcome Carlos Zarco at ICMAB! 23 October 2020
Welcome Theo Marcusson at ICMAB! 15 October 2020
Welcome Carlos García at ICMAB! 13 October 2020
Welcome Alba Toro at ICMAB! 09 October 2020
Welcome Román Healy Corominas at ICMAB! 07 October 2020
Welcome María José Mostazo at ICMAB! 07 October 2020
Welcome Jordi Floriach-Clark at ICMAB| 06 October 2020
Welcome Núria Pujol at ICMAB! 05 October 2020
Welcome Sandra Fernández Cabello at ICMAB! 05 October 2020
Welcome Mar Alcaraz at ICMAB! 02 October 2020
Mostazo Lopez, Maria Jose [Project Researcher] 18 September 2020
Microfluidic‐Assisted Blade Coating of Compositional Libraries for Combinatorial Applications: The Case of Organic Photovoltaics 08 September 2020
Participate in the first Virtual Disruptour Silicon Valley 28 August 2020
Welcome Anna Bertomeu at ICMAB! 10 July 2020
Welcome Artur Martínez at ICMAB! 30 June 2020
25 June 2020: Roundtable about ODS and sustainabe energy, with M. Rosa Palacín #CSIC4EUSEW 23 June 2020
"Photonic mirror" the winning photo of our FOTICMAB 2020 contest 19 June 2020
ALBA Synchrotron Annual Report 2019: 50 % of the granted shifts are related to Materials Science 11 June 2020
Sinha, Sohini [EU-Marie Curie Student] 04 May 2020
Alcala Barrat, Jordi [Project PhD Student] 04 May 2020
Cordoba Insense, Alba [PhD, Project Manager] 04 May 2020
Algar León, Jose Angel 04 May 2020
Martinez Esain, Jordi [Project Researcher] 04 May 2020
Gázquez Alabart, Jaume [Tenured Scientist - CT] 04 May 2020
Lloveras Monserrat, Vega [Senior Technician] 04 May 2020
Generation and imaging of magnetoacoustic waves over millimeter distances 14 April 2020
Barcelona equips itself with a European first-class collaborative microscopy platform through the joint action of nine research institutions and the support of ERDF 09 April 2020
Stefania Sandoval participates in "Somos Científicos y Científicas, Sácanos de aquí" 2020 in the #ZonaCSIC 01 April 2020
10 tips to make your work from home more productive 24 March 2020
The ICMAB donates 33.200 gloves for medical uses 22 March 2020
Workshop ALBA-ICMAB: a successful meeting to create more synergies between the two institutions 06 March 2020
Welcome Víctor Vallejo at ICMAB! 02 March 2020
Welcome Alex Pérez at ICMAB! 14 February 2020
Welcome Arnau Güell Bara at ICMAB! 13 February 2020
Welcome Carles Guillén Almiñana at ICMAB! 13 February 2020
“El Enigma Agustina” and Agustí Nieto-Galan to celebrate Christmas 19 December 2019
Press Release: A multidisciplinary research team develop biotransistors able to hear small beats of live 10 December 2019
SOMMa 100xCiencia.4 Meeting: Building bridges between Science and Society, with Nora Ventosa 22 November 2019
Published a review on "Achievements, Challenges, and Prospects of Calcium Batteries" in Chemical Reviews 15 November 2019
CANCELLED: Strasbourg, 25-29 May 2020: E-MRS Spring Meeting 14 November 2019
An article from Jaume Veciana and Paula Mayorga highlighted in Chemistry Views 04 November 2019
We present the ICMAB Annual Report 2018! Enjoy the reading! 29 October 2019
The ICMAB website continues to be the most visible of the CSIC! 01 October 2019
Ferroelectricity-free lead halide perovskites 23 August 2019
Press Release: Researchers from the Nanomol Group initiate contacts with the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS) to bring a new treatment against venous leg ulcers to clinical practice within the Nanonafres Project 26 July 2019
Press Release: Lead halide perovskites are not ferroelectric: further research is needed to discover why they are so good for solar cells 15 July 2019
"Thin-sections, the past serving the future": two articles from Jordi Rius featured in UABDivulga 12 July 2019
8th International Conference on Spectroscopic Ellipsometry (ICSE8) 26 May 2019
Anna Laromaine is "a researcher in your classroom" in Santa Maria de Palautordera 06 February 2019
M. Rosa Palacin in the closing session of the 7th edition of the JIPI meeting at the UB Paranimf 04 February 2019
ICMAB-ICN2, 6-7 June 2019: 4th Scientific Meeting of BNC-b Students 14 January 2019
Metallacarboranes on the Road to Anticancer Therapies: Cellular Uptake, DNA Interaction, and Biological Evaluation of Cobaltabisdicarbollide [COSAN]− 02 January 2019
Cu(II)–N6-Alkyladenine Complexes: Synthesis, X-ray Characterization and Magnetic Properties 24 July 2018
Review of technology transfer practices at ICMAB: assessing the potentials along selected value chains 25 April 2018
Discovery of Potent EGFR Inhibitors through the Incorporation of a 3D-Aromatic-Boron-Rich-Cluster into the 4-Anilinoquinazoline Scaffold: Potential Drugs for Glioma Treatment 06 February 2018
Electric and Mechanical Switching of Ferroelectric and Resistive States in Semiconducting BaTiO3–δ Films on Silicon 30 November 2017
Marta Rodríguez 20 September 2017
Frontispiece: Small-Molecule Kinase-Inhibitors-Loaded Boron Cluster as Hybrid Agents for Glioma-Cell-Targeting Therapy 28 August 2017
Oferta de trabajo: Communication & Outreach Officer 10 January 2017
Puertas Abiertas ICMAB Abril 2016 (FOTOS) 06 April 2016
Saló de l'Ensenyament 2016 15 March 2016
Deterministic switching of ferromagnetism at room temperature using an electric field 18 December 2014
Estudiants de batxillerat que realitzen estades als laboratoris del centre 10 July 2014
Mariano Campoy-Quiles in Materia: “En 10 años tendremos cortinas capaces de producir electricidad” 29 May 2013

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