Gender Equality Committee




Gender is a cross-cutting issue and is mainstreamed in all European and national projects, ensuring a more integrated approach to research and innovation. The objectives of the Gender Equality Committee are based on the strategy on gender equality of Horizon 2020:

  • Fostering gender balance in research teams, in order to close the gaps in the participation of women.
  • Ensuring gender balance in decision-making, in order to reach the target of 40% of the under-represented sex in panels and groups and of 50% in advisory groups.
  • Integrating the gender dimension in research and innovation (R&I) content, helps improve the scientific quality and societal relevance of the produced knowledge, technology and/or innovation.

The Gender Equality Committee created within the Severo Ochoa project has the goal of recognizing and strengthening equal opportunities within the Institute.

It organizes  workshops and activities to raise awareness, and has sponsored the creation of a mailbox that anyone studying or working at ICMAB can use (, with the aim of making anyone feel safe and protected in front of physical or psychological situations of harassment that are gender related.

In 2019 the objective of the Gender Equality Committee is to create a Gender Equality Plan for the Institute and to make gender-related resources accessible to all the staff.


  • Riccardo Rurali (RL1, Deputy Director)
  • Ángel Pérez (RL1)
  • Susagna Ricart (RL2)
  • Carlos Frontera (RL3)
  • Núria Aliaga (RL4)
  • Esther Barrena (RL4)
  • Anna Crespi (Technical Services)
  • Amanda Muñoz (PhD researcher)
  • Pietat Sierra (Administration)
  • Marta Vendrell (Administration)
  • Anna May Masnou (Communication & Outreach)
  • gender foto

From left to right: Pietat Sierra (Administration), Susagna Ricart (RL2), Anna May Masnou (Communication & Outreach), Riccardo Rurali (RL1), Carlos Frontera (RL3), Esther Barrena (RL4), Ángel Pérez (RL1), Marta Vendrell (Administration), Anna Crespi (Scientific & Technical Services), Núria Aliaga (RL4) (not in the picture), Enrique Irisarri (PhD) (not in the picture)


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